This story discusses Safe Storage.

As a young lawyer, I prosecuted some misdemeanors involving illegal gun use. When I got my first case, I knew very little about guns and needed to learn about them. With that introduction, I started target shooting and eventually bought my own pistol. The criminologist that I worked with as a prosecutor explained to me that the overwhelming majority of gun accidents involve a loaded gun left unsecured in the home. This really stuck with me.

I store my gun in a SentrySafe small capacity biometric safe. It provides secure storage so that no one else can access the gun. It also provides ready access. It can be opened in one of three ways: with a fingerprint, a user-set silent digital combination lock, or a physical key. I use the combination lock, which I practice opening at least once a week. The physical key is stored remote from the safe.

Think of how you would feel if a family member or someone important to you was shot because you didn’t store your gun properly. Storage can be secure and provide quick access. There is no excuse not to store your weapons properly.


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